Join us for a guided tour
with presentation of the winery and
 tasting of our wines and sparkling wines

degustazione visita anteo spumanti oltrepo pavese

Anteo winery, near the old church of S. Michele, is surrounded by our vineyards that allow us to take a panoramic walk, during which we present the history of Pinot Noir and the techniques of low environmental impact applied.

It follows the path of the grape, from pressing to its transformation with the various vinification techniques, especially the typical method of the classic method with the long refining in the large cellar with archways, a “sparkling wine cathedral".

Our warmth and our passion will welcome you and the opportunity to elaborate and then taste the excellent products in the cozy tasting room at the end of the journey.

vigneto degustazione anteo vino spumante oltrepo pavese

Although susceptible to minor changes (to be agreed in advance) we suggest two modes.

02degustazione anteo vino spumante oltrepo pavese


Includes the path described above, guided tasting of two sparkling wines, a Martinotti method and a Classic method, accompanied by tasty little snacks.

○ Minimum 6 people - maximum 35

○ Cost € 12 per person




degustazione anteo vino spumante oltrepo paveseVISIT OF ANTEO WINERY WITH BRUNCH

Includes the same path, with tasting of 4 wines, two sparkling wines, a white wine and a red wine, combined with a lunch with finger food, a hot dish, cold meats and local cheeses.

○ Minimum 15 people - maximum of 35

○ Cost € 25 per person




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sala degustazione anteo vino spumante oltrepo pavese

To REQUEST THE BOOKING, PLEASE CALL +39 335 7325160 OR +39 335 7325158


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