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Metodo Classico sparkling wines

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The primary calling of Anteo is making sparkling wines, and especially Metodo Classico ones from the top quality Pinot Noir grapes that we grown in Rocca de' Giorgi, with a limited addition of Chardonnay grapes. Furthermore, Anteo has a long-time experience in producing Metodo Classico Rosé and has adhered to the new Oltrepò Pavese Cruasé DOCG designation, which identifies a Metodo Classico produced using at least 85% of Pinot Noir grapes, whose pink colour is absolutely natural.

Metodo Martinotti sparkling wines
spumanti metodo martinotti vini spumanti anteo oltrepo pavese

Anteo has always produced Metodo Martinotti wines, seeking an easy and immediate sparkling wine, without losing quality. We prefer to name these wines "Metodo Martinotti" (instead of Méthode Charmat), to pay hommage to Federico Martinotti, an oenologist native of Piedmont, who invented in 1895 a new method for making sparkling wines using a closed and sealed vat. Later the French Eugène Charmat applied this method on an industrial scale around 1907.

Crus of the Tradition (slightly sparkling wines)
cru della tradizione vini spumanti anteo oltrepo pavese

We wanted to take a fresh look at the traditional slightly sparkling wines that are part of the local culture, giving rise to our crus of the Tradition: the "Il Floreale", a slightly sparkling white wine made with Pinot Noir grapes, the Bonarda "Staffolo", produced with Croatina grapes grown in Rovescala and our Moscato "La Volpe e l'Uva", produced with Moscato grapes grown in Volpara.

Varietal wines (still wines)
vini varietali vini spumanti anteo oltrepo pavese

These wines are obtained from grapes traditionally grown in the Oltrepò Pavese area. We produce the "Coste del Roccolo" from Pinot Noir grapes and the "Quadro di Mezzo" Riesling Superiore from a blend of Riesling and Riesling Italico grapes.

Cà dell'Oca Pinot Noir
pinot nero ca dell oca vini spumanti anteo oltrepo pavese

This is our most ambitious challenge, our dream of a great Oltrepò Pavese Pinot Noir. The grapes coming from the old Cà dell'Oca vineyard, which give to the wine a great structure, have been integrated with the grapes of the younger San Michele vineyard, which give richness of aromas. Yields per hectare are very low in both vineyards.

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